Tuesday, November 12, 2013

First Letter.....¿Already?

Area: CCM Mexico 
Companion: Elder Fabian

Hello familia,

First off, thanks for the ride to the MTC guise! This letter will only be in english since I don't really have a bunch of time. I was instructed to write this letter right after I watched a few short introductory videos. I saw some kids from the Bene in the video. Right after I was dropped off I was given my two gafets and a blue envelope with my house keys and a bunch of papers. The brother that gave me the envelope and registered me was actually Israel from the Pathway Course (not the old Israel that worked with me at Telvista, the skinny one with the pencil ´stash who would where those plastic ray-bans to class). I was also assigned to my MTC companion, Elder Fabian. He's waiting for me outside the computer lab right now. As far as the rest of the day goes, the video said I would just be registering and getting my medical history checked out. Starting tomorrow, I will be going into my classes and whatnot. Well, that's all for now guys. Shoutout to G-ma, G-pa, Unkle Oskar, Tia Aline,
Chobiz, Ashley, Lil Camie, Lola, E-rin, and E-ric, Ma', and Popz, for dropping me off.

Write to you guys soon, 

Elder Velazquez

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