Saturday, April 26, 2014

Letter 22

Hello Familia!
This week was travel week for Elder Webster and I. We went to a bunch of little towns here in Chihuahua for immigration purposes. We went to Ascencion, Chihuahua on Monday and to Janos, and then we went to Casas Grandes and Colonia Dublan on Thursday. In total we traveled on a bus for about 17 hours this week! I have to admit, it was a little tiring, but the naps on the bus were really refreshing. On Tuesday we had a multi-zone meeting with our mission President. President Derbez, his wife, and his Assistants all gave different training. Sister Derbez talked to us about how we have to take care of ourselves during these times, because it is starting to get really HOT and WINDY. She also talked to us about stress and how to handle it. The assistants then trained us on new formats of analyzing mission data and whatnot. It´s really pretty amazing how much data we handle as missionaries. We have to report information about EVERYTHING we do. From visits, to lessons and contacts made, to home teaching and visiting teacher assignments and church attendance.
President than gave us inspiring words on hastening the Work Of Salvation, and really getting our numbers up. He always gets all of us missionaries pumped after the meetings (even though they last like 5 hours).
Aside from the meeting and all the trips, it was a pretty normal week. We have been teaching a few new investigators, and are setting a lot of baptismal dates. Our goal is to have 3 baptisms this next month! We had a great experience with a new investigator we are teaching, Alejandro. We contacted Alejandro in the street 2 weeks ago, and he told us that he would come to church on Sunday. Well, we tried going to his house all that week, but could not find him, but on Sunday, he went to church. We set an appointment to go visit him, and on Monday we went and taught him lesson 1 with another family in the ward. It was a great lesson, and the family (Familia Martinez) really helped us teach him! They bore testimony of the Church and were very friendly (people here in Juarez are friendlier than in the city sometimes). Elder Webster and I have set the goal that EVERY single lesson we teach with Alejandro, we will have a member present. We will not go and teach him, UNLESS there is a member there to help us out. We want to really involve the ward in the conversion of Alejandro because he is a lonely man.
Well, Juarez has some of the craziest weather ever. Last Saturday, it rained really hard, and a lot of the streets flooded (there was even hail). As we were walking home, I saw that there was a bunch of pot holes filled with water. I told Elder Webster to run, and to avoid walking next to potholes. As soon as I said that, this truck ran past us and SOAKED Elder Webster. It was pretty funny (well, at least for me). Elder Webster was pretty mad, but learned to laugh it off.
All is well in Juarez,
Elder Velazquez

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