Saturday, May 10, 2014

Letter 24

I think I've been out for more than 24 weeks, but to be honest, I've lost track by now.
This week has been exciting, as the mission offices prepare to receive 18 new missionaries on Monday. Out of those 18 missionaries, 12 of them are sisters and only 6 are Elders! It's so crazy to see how fast the mission is growing, and how the Work Of Salvation really is hastening.
Well, this week (today) we are having Luis Manuel´s baptism, because it was postponed last weekend. When we were about to leave for the baptism, we get a call from Luis Manuel's dad, telling us that the baptism would have to be postponed because all of the family coming to see the baptism was not going to make it.
This week, the font is finally fixed, and ready for baptisms! We are working very hard this month, and are hoping for another baptism really soon.
Elder Webster and I are in charge of changes now (the Assistants used to be in charge) so we have been organizing and planning changes like crazy this past week. I never realized how hard it was to plan out changes! Since there are a lot of missionaries coming to the field, and only 2 leaving, a TON of changes where made. There are 7 areas opening, and new leadership positions all around the mission. We have to figure out bus schedules, taxis, new housing, old housing, hotels, visas, and food for everyone involved in changes. No wonder all the ex-secretaries have had so much hair loss.
Well, I am very excited to see the whole family tomorrow!
See you guys soon!
Elder Velazquez

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