Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ultra Mini Letter 27

This one is going to be an ultra short one.

We have our investigator's baptism like 2 hours, and we are helping with another baptism in the ward (a little 8 year old). 

Rafael "Miyagi" Palacios is getting baptised today! He is a miracle, because he's been in the hospital (IMSS) for the past week! He had small dehydration problem and was hospitalized. We kept working with him in the hospital, and it all paid off, thanks to some help from the ward, and a little prayer!

I am sorry this is so short, but we have to book it. I am making the programs for the baptism, finishing a small speech, and finalizing some office work. That's life right now. 

Side note: I saw a girl who was in Grandma's stake (Villa de las Flores) at church last Sunday. I swear, I am always going to find people from Villa my whole life! 

Elder Velazqyuez

Livin' on the edge (of Texas and Mexico)

Last week's baptism: Humberto and our Bishop, Bishop Corral

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