Saturday, October 4, 2014

Letter 45: Trips and Conference

Hello familia!

Well, this week we are not having a real P-Day, so we have this little bit of time between Conference Sessions to write a lil' bit.

So this week was another one of those famous travel weeks.

On Monday and Tuesday, we had splits with 2 of the areas in our Zones. Elder Webster went to Villahumada to work with Elder Gonzalez and his companion, and I headed down to Ejido Benito Juarez to work alongside Elder Martinez and Elder Chig├╝ila.

This was the first time I actually got to do some proselyting work down in Benito, it was pretty fun. The town is really small, and almost everyone knows each other. We contacted a TON of people, and talked to (what felt like) the whole town. Most of the people who live in Benito have lived there their whole life, and have never really left. The town is quiet, and the only things you can really hear are trailers cruising by the nearby highway. The biggest challenge that the missionaries are facing in Benito is teaching lessons during the day. Almost the whole pueblo works in what's called the "Pisca". The "Pisca" is when the people go and work in the nearby chile, pepper, and alfalfa fields. Most of the fields are chiles though, and as a result, almost everyone dries them and sells them alongside the roadside. 

After 2 days of good ol' fashioned proselyting, we headed back to Juarez.

On Wednesday, we took a lil' trip down to Casas Grandes to take care of some secretary business. We were there almost all day, and returned back to Juarez late.

And that brings us to these last couple days.

Well, we have been teaching a couple (Luz Elena and her husband, Alberto) for the last few weeks, and they are awesome! They found the Church through their daughter and her husband, who got baptized about 3 years ago. Luz Elena and Alberto saw a huge change in their daughter's life, and this sparked a great flame of curiosity in their hearts. Well, Luz Elena has been coming to church ever since we found her 3 weeks ago, and her husband has been reading the Book Of Mormon and the Gospel Principals book like crazy (he's already on lesson 18!) We are amazed on how fast they have been progressing, and Luz Elena even came to both of the General Conf. sessions today! 

Well, I don't have much more time, time for Priesthood Session!

Elder Velazquez

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