Saturday, October 18, 2014

Letter 47


These last few months a big focus we have had in the mission has been being of good cheer (ánimo). We had our Zone Reunion on Monday, and this was the main focus. We told the missionaries that everything they do, they have to do it with ánimo. Our goal was to get rid of all the droopiness going around in the Zone, and basically get  everyone pumped and excited to work. A lot of times, missionaries can get a little discouraged when work starts to slow down in their areas, when they don't get along with their companions, or if something happens back home. This really does effect their work, and desanimo (discouragement) is usually contagious. A gloomy missionary can really bring down a lotta people. Thankfully, their is a cure. Work! 

On Tuesday, tragedy hit the mission, when one of the Senior Couple missionaries passed away. Sister Virginia Torres passed away. She had been serving alongside her husband, Elder Torres for about 10 months. They were the secretaries in charge of Materials and Housing. They were also our neighbors, and good friends. There was a small ceremony in Juarez with all of the secretaries and with the members of the Pradera Ward, where Elder and Sister Torres attended. They will surely be missed, and we have all been praying for Elder Torres.

Since 2 very important secretaries left, we were left with a lot of extra responsibilities and tasks. Most of the week was spent running around tying up loose ends and catching up on other secretary tasks.

Apart from all of the locura around the office, we finished getting everything ready for the baptism of Luz Elena and Alberto Ayala.

We held their baptismal service today, at around 12:00 pm. But man, getting everything ready for this baptism was crazy! We finished giving them their last lesson on Monday, and planned the week out so that they could have their interviews and so that we could have a nice little baptismal service on Saturday. Ha! As usual, everything changed the next day! Our schedule was cut a little from what happened with Sister Torres, Luz Elena's daughter gave birth, and to top it off, the Chapel building was going to be occupied Saturday afternoon for a Young Men stake Conference! Well, after much prayer, we were able to have everything fall into place just perfectly for Luz and Alberto's baptism. It was a great service, and we had a good amount of member participation. Luz and Alberto were so happy to finally get baptised! They are such an awesome couple! Luz is always super friendly; hugging and kissing everyone, people used to think she was already a member! And Alberto has been reading his Book Of Mormon like crazy and beefing up on his Gospel knowledge (plus he already kinda has the High Priest look going on).

Well, that's about all the time we have for today!

Have a great week

Elder Velazquez


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