Saturday, January 25, 2014

Week 9

Hello Familia,

This past week I have seen so many miracles in such a small amount of time, I can hardly believe it. On Sunday, we were so amazed to see the members in our ward actually fill up our agenda with dates and visits! It's hard sometimes to get the people in our ward to help out during the week because the majority of them work in Texas and have very little time to spare, but that all changed this week. We were settin´appointments left and right, it was so awesome! This week we had a change in bishopric, and the ward was very excited to start working again because they haven't had a bishop for the past 3 months.

On Monday we had a family home evening with our new Bishop, Bishop Coral. Every time we visit a member family who has kids, we teach them the missionary lessons, as if they were new investigators. This is especially fun when the kids have been members all of their life, and they haven't ever heard a real missionary lesson. At the end of the lesson, we got a few references from the bishop's wife and we were on our way to another home evening. We had the next home evening with our stake president, and he invited his wife's mom who isn't a member of the church. It's great to have family home evenings with the ward members, but it's even better when they invite friends and investigators! 

Tuesday we had another trip down to Janos, Chihuahua. This time, it was all smooth sailing. When we got back from Janos, we met with a brother in our ward, Hermano Yañez, and he helped us visit 3 less active families. Something I have learned from working with less active families is to treat them just as you would an active family. Invite them to activities and have them help out. This helps them really feel like their needed again, and they will be happy to help (most of the time anyway).

Wednesday was a very exciting day for us. We met with one of our investigators, Jonathan, who is beyond excited to hear the Gospel. Our lesson went so well, and we felt Jonathan's excitement to be baptized right away. He found out about the church a couple months ago and has been to church 3 times since then. He had been investigating various churches, and was about to become a priest in the Catholic church...then he found The Church! We set a date to baptize him, and he accepted without hesitation. That feeling you get when you get out of a visit with an investigator who has accepted to be baptized, is one of the greatest feelings ever! 

Thursday and Friday were just full of non stop lessons. One of the most memorable ones we had was when we visited one of our investigators, Fernando, with a brother from our ward, Hermano Jimenez. We have been struggling a bit with Fernando because he won't accept a baptisimal date. When we visited him with Hermano Jimenez, we were determined to try one last time and hopefully have him accept. We had an inspired lesson with him about how the Holy Ghost will guide us constantly once we have his gift confirmed upon us after baptism. Hermano Jimenez shared some personal experiences with Fernando, and at the end of the lesson, Fernando accepted to be baptized. Fernando told us that he wants to prepare all he can, and we assured him that we will be there to help him.

This last week I truly felt the love of my Saviour, and I saw His hand as I met and taught my investigators and I know I am in His debt. As King Benjamin taught to his people in Mosiah 2:23, we are always indebted to Him. "..he doth require that ye should do as he hath commanded you; for which if ye do, he doth immediately bless you; and therefore he hath paid you. And ye are still indebted unto him, and are, and will be, forever and ever"

Elder Velazquez
Sister King made us dinner the other night.

What Janos is famous for...sorta

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