Saturday, March 15, 2014

Letter 16

4 months, this past week I turned 4 months old! I know I sound like every other missionary on the planet when I talk about how fast this is all going by, but once you actually live it, it's way different. 

Well, this week has been very different than the rest. My companion (Elder Webster) and I have been housing another missionary who was "hurt during battle" as our mission president stated. His name is Elder Imlay and he's from....Henderson! It was really weird talking to someone else about Vegas who was actually from there. He was in the Warm Springs stake. He has a butt infection and can't walk around too much, so he's been hanging out at the office and with the Senior Missionary couple. He stays with them all day (poor guy), and then he comes and sleeps at our apartment at night and studies with us in the morning. Elder Imlay is a pretty funny guy and it's been nice to have another person to talk to about Pokemon. I know, we're nerds.

Aside from our guest, this week was the first time I went on divisions ever. When we do a division, one of us goes to another area in the mission (within our district) and the other companion stays in the area with the other missionary (I hope that made sense). I got to go back to Central for my divisions. Elder Huffman is still over there and he came over to my area. I went over there with his companion, Elder Jolley. Elder Jolley and I are from the same generation. He's from Seattle (Wooo go Sounders!), Washington and he's been Wrestling State-Champ for 3 years. He's got that cauliflower ear, it's pretty gross to look at. He plays a bunch of soccer too, and loves the Sounders.That's the soccer team from Seattle (I had no idea) and he even played for their 18 and under Club team (that means he was pretty good). He's a funny kid, and I had a great time going back to Central to preach for a day. We visited a lot of their new investigators and even went to a part of the area I had never gone to. It's a pretty sketchy area, but we met a family of new investigators there. We were walking along and a cholo starts yelling at Elder Jolley in English. Elder Jolley turned around and said hi, and we walked over to talk to him. Pretty soon, we were surrounded by like 8 cholos. I was starting to freak out a little, they had tatoos on their faces (I'm fine with talking to people with tats, but when they have them on their faces, it's a little freaky). They were asking us a bunch of questions (mainly to Elder Jolley, because he's really white) but pretty soon, Elder Jolley and I just started doing what we do best...preachin'! They turned out to be really friendly and wanted to know more and more about Jesus! We gave them the whole first lesson in their patio, and the main cholo, Willy, told us that he wanted to get baptised. It was so awesome!

This week, we got some exciting news from an investigator we taught a while ago. His name is Daniel, he is 28 and has 3 kids (8,7, and 2 years old) he is also a single father. We met him through his nephew, Sergio, who is a priest in our ward. We visited him about 4 weeks ago with Sergio, but he didn't show much interest. He told us that he felt pretty good the way he was living his life, and had no need for we dropped him after the 2nd visit. Well, this week we got a call from Sergio and he told us that Daniel wanted to know more about the church...and wanted to bring his kids closer to God! He had told Sergio that ever since we had visited him, he felt the biggest need to go to church...but not just any church.. our church! We are having a home evening with him on Monday, and we are super excited to bring him to church tomorrow!

The Lord delivers, all we need to do is ask for his help with faith. My testimony has really grown on the power that faith has when we practice it all day, everyday. I keep seeing the Lord´s hand in everything that happens here in the mission, and back at home with all of you.

Elder Velaquez

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Back in Central with Elder Jolley

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Yours truly

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Elder Jolley looks like Harland Williams (from half baked) except blond.

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