Saturday, June 14, 2014

Letter 29

Hello family,

Well, this week went by extra fast...again. I got to travel a lot this week, and it's been pretty exhausting! 

On Monday, we had our Zone Conference. I was pretty excited, I love Zone conferences, they always pump me up to work! About 2 hours before Zone Conference, President Derbez calls and tells me I have to go to Ejido Benito Juarez to fix something another Elder had messed up. So I grabbed my bag, and headed to Ejido Benito Juarez with Elder Cruz. 

Ejido Benito Juarez is a little middle-of-nowhere town about 3 hours away from Ciudad Juarez (see picture). It's a very small and quiet, square, town. There isn´t much too see, but I felt really relaxed there. EVERYONE knows who the missionaries are, and they're all really friendly. There is only a few streetlights, and everyone there mainly gets around on Quads. The Elder serving there, Elder Cruz, is the branch President as well. He used to be the President's assistant last cycle, he's also an ex-bene alumni. He was the generation above me (he knows Janette Mesa from our ward) and he's really funny. 

After we returned from Benito on Tuesday, I quickly rushed and got a bunch of immigration stuff done. On Tuesday, we went with a new investigator we recently started teaching. His name is Edgar D. He is the son of a member who was just recently re-activated after being less active for 15 years. Edgar is a very closed and shy person, and rarely came out of his room. He is 24, and a couple years ago he had an experience were he almost lost his eye (Now that I think about it, this is the 2nd investigator we´ve taught with eye problems, ha). This experience (along with a few other strange phobias) had caused Edgar to be reluctant when it came to learning about the Gospel. Now, he has totally opened up to us, gained more confidence in the Lord, and has opened his heart once again to actually listening to the missionaries. We have approached Edgar in a different manner than the other missionaries before; we actually listened to his problems and related the Gospel to him. We are teaching him in English because he wants to learn and practice more English, and he has even started reading the Book Of Mormon in English!

Wednesday, I got a call from the Church Immigration Department in Mexico City, and was told that I had to go to Casas Grandes to wrap up some more immigration stuff. I was totally unprepared for this trip, and Elder Webster and I left right away with just the clothes on our backs. Casas Grandes is about 4 hours away, and we got there like at 8 pm. We stayed there with the Zone Leaders (Elder Stewart and Elder Rodriguez) and then worked there the next day. We got back to Ciudad Juarez Thursday at around 6 pm

This week, we have still had Elder Lokotui and Elder Romero stay with us. Elder Romero will be going back to his area soon, and Elder Lokotui will be staying with us until the cycle ends (in 1 week).

That leads us to today. The whole Zone had interviews with President today, and we also had interviews with his wife and the Assistants. While President interviewed everyone one-by-one, the Assistants checked our agendas, our teaching knowledge, and our Area Books (a binder where we keep all the info about the are where we work). We just got out (after 4 hours) and now we have to start our P-day! 

This next week is the last week in the cycle, and I will be going a little crazy since I have to do changes. So forgive me in advance if next week I write a short letter. 

Elder Velazquez

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