Saturday, June 21, 2014

Letter 30

Hello familia,

Well, it has sure been a crazy week this past week. First off, some news. This past week, President told us that he would be splitting some Zones here Ciudad Juarez. He then told us that he was going to need some more Zone leaders. He then announced to Elder Webster and I that the Lord had called us as Zone leaders over one of these new Zones. We are crazy excited!

Our Zone, La Cuesta 2, will consist of just a few areas (eight) and will be spread out quite a bit. 2 of our areas are in Villahumada and 2 areas are in Ejido Benito Juarez! It is very exciting, and I am eager to learn.

We have been preparing for changes all this week. Changes are on Tuesday (June 24th) so we have been preparing for all the locura that changes bring to the mission. We are receiving 16 new missionaries, 9 are sister missionaries, and 7 are Elders. 6 of those 9 sisters are foreign (from Peru, Colombia, Dominican Republic, and the US) which means that I'm also going to have a good amount of Immigration work to do.

There are also 2 more missionaries who have been assigned to our ward, Pradera Dorada. Elder Robbins and Elder Rabell, the President's Assistants, are now going to be working in our area. That brings the missionary count to 6 (Elder Webster and I, Sister Hernandez, Sister Trueba, and the 2 Assistants, plus the senior missionary couple.) which is a boatload. We are one of the first wards to have 6 proselyting missionaries, which just shows how much this mission is really growing. President Derbez has told us that many other wards will also be receiving more missionaries, some with up to 8 missionaries in an area!

We have been working with Elder Lokotui, the polynesian, this week as well. He had some trouble with his feet (extreme blisters) but he has been recuperating over the last 2 weeks. He just arrived on the mission 5 weeks ago and is still learning spanish. He is one of those gentle giants, and people who see him on the streets can't really distinguish what he is. He always has to tell people that he is from Hawaii because no one knows where Tonga is. 

Ok, well, right now I have to finalize the logistics for Tuesday's changes, but I thank you all for your love.

Elder J. Augusto Velazquez

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