Saturday, August 16, 2014

Letter 38: Cakes and Testimonies

There have been a bunch of birthdays this past week. Dad, yours was on the 6th, on the 8th was Elder Robbins (President's Assistant), and on the 12th was President Derbez's birthday. Needless to say, I've been eating a lot of cake lately.

On Tuesday, President Derbez invited us to go to his house and have a birthday lunch with him. All of  Secretaries and the Assistants went to President's house and he cooked a special lunch...Mole Poblano. President is quite the cook (I'm not kidding, he really knows his way around the kitchen). All of the Secretaries pitched in and we bought him a 3 leches chocolate cake. We shared some laughs, some stories, and then some burps.

I almost skipped over the events on Monday. 

Monday was our 2nd Zone Conference as Zone leaders. Since our Zone is super spread out (4 of the areas are about 2 hours away from the city), we usually have all of the missionaries come a day early and stay over night. But this time we decided it would be easier if have them come really early in the morning, give them the conference, and then have them go back to their little ranchos. This way, the missionaries don't waste 2 whole days of work, and we don't have to have them stay at our house and rummage through our fridge. We had a really good Zone Conference, and we feel really pumped for this up and coming cycle. Tangent: I just realized that we are about to start week 3 of the cycle, so we are already half way through it...I told you time goes by super quick.

The rest of this week was back to the normal routine. We had some solid lessons with our investigators this week, and we found 2 new great investigators.

While we were walking towards the office yesterday, a man (Mario Calvo) stopped us in the street and asked us the reason why we preached. These last few months I've been on the mission, I've seen that this is actually a pretty common question. A lot of people see us walking around, and they wonder what we do. As we started to answer this Mario's question, he stopped me and asked me, "I want to know why you missionaries preach with such conviction. How do you know what you preach is true." I quickly realized that this man wasn't looking for just another common answer, he really wanted to know. I was prompted to simply share my testimony and I told him that I preach because I sincerely know that our message is true. I didn't add anything else, I didn't make it fancy. Just a simple, straightforward testimony. Well, this man immediately opened his heart, and gave us his phone number. He asked us a bunch of questions, and we told him we would be more than happy to answer them in his home. He agreed, and we set an appointment to see him on Sunday. 

If there is something I've learned here in the mission, is that a simple and sincere testimony can be sufficient to penetrate even the hardest of hearts. 

Elder Velazquez

Jasmine & Anita's Baptism last week/ bad haircut #1

Birthday Bash

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