Saturday, August 23, 2014

Letter 39: Extra-Ordi​nary week.

Hola Familia,

Burritos are huge here in Juarez. People make burritos out of just about anything. They are very practical and (for the most part) delicious. But one bad burrito can really do some damage...even death. That was an actual headline in the newspaper last week (see photo), and I almost died from the laughter.

This week was one of our few "ordinary" weeks here in the mission. I say ordinary because it was one of the few weeks where we don't travel or have any big meetings or anything like that. Having said that, this week was still extra-ordinary.

We finished prepping our investigator, Edgar, for his baptism next Thursday (Aug. 28). Edgar Dominguez has been investigating the church for a long long long time (like 8+ years), and he is finally getting baptised. We started teaching about 2 months ago, and at first, he wasn't all. He had had all of the missionary talks, and had pretty much heard it all before. His mom, whose been a member since Edgar was a baby (he's 25, now), had tried everything to get his son baptised...but at the end of the day, the Gospel never really interested Edgar. Well, after 2 months of teaching Edgar, he is finally getting baptised! Teaching Edgar was tricky, because he already had a good amount of knowledge of the Gospel, and had TONS of questions. We built a real relationship with Edgar, and gave him time to learn and applied the Gospel to his needs. Edgar has had a big change in his life, but most importantly, in his heart. He has gone to church every week for the past month and half (except one week he got really sick), and we've gotten him involved with all sorts of Single Adult activities. Elder Webster and I have really witnessed an incredible change in him.

Aside from Edgar, we are also prepping a few more investigators for baptism this cycle. Amongst them is Jonathan Cabrera, a 19 year old young man who has made huge progress in the little time we've know him. His mother is an inactive member (she's been inactive for more than 20 years), and non of his 3 siblings are members either. We are currently teaching him and his sister, Evelyn. He loves coming to church and he even goes to Institute on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

We found a great new red tomato this week! Her name is Luz Elena, and she is so sweet and so ready to be made into ketchup. She is 55, and her youngest daughter and son-in-law just moved in with her this past week. And guess what? They're both members. It turns out that her daughter got baptised when she got married a few years ago, and Luz Elena has been super curious to learn about the Church. She told us that she wants to be baptised (as a missionary, hearing this gives you a mini heart attack of excitement) and learn more about the Gospel.

This week, I read an awesome article in the Liahona. It is in this month's issue, and it is titled "Why We Share The Gospel" by Elder D. Todd Christofferson. Elder Christofferson focuses on the main reason why we share the Gospel, and that is to "Invite others to come unto Christ". "Inviting others to come unto Christ" is our primary missionary purpose (Preach My Gospel, Chapter 1). Everything we do, it all points to this purpose. All of this great Work, has the sole purpose of bringing others to Christ. "Remember that our missionary purpose is not only to warn others but also to save them, not only to teach but also to baptize, not only to bring others unto Christ but also to make them steadfast in Christ to the end." If there is something I've learned here, it's that there is no greater joy as a missionary, than leading someone to Jesus Christ, and seeing His Gospel change them.

Elder Velazquez
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