Saturday, November 8, 2014

Letter 50: The 5th Fernando

Hello familia

Lately, Elder Webster and I have been doing house inspections for some of the missionaries here in Juarez. We have seen some of the craziest houses, but they all have one thing in common...They all kinda smell like stale farts and concrete. We have been checking to make sure they all have blankets and that their houses are ready for the long awaited winter. Things are starting to get cool over here in Juarez, but not as cool as the experiences we've been having with our investigators lately.

For the past few weeks we have been teaching some relatives of a member in our ward, Fernando Garcia. We have been preaching to his Uncle, Juan, and his dad, whose name is also Fernando. Quick tangent: This is the 5th Fernando we have taught here in the ward (Fernando Rodriguez, Edgar Fernando, Fernando Soto, and Alberto Fernando) and so far 3 of them have gotten baptized. Fernando Sr. Garcia is a very humble, quiet, and simple man who has known about the Church since he married his first wife 35 years ago. He has never had a single ounce of interest...until NOW! He's been coming to church every week since General Conference, and has been making significant progress. His brother, Juan, has also been listening to our message, and has accepted a baptismal date for the 22nd.

We had an awesome Mission Leadership Council with President Derbez this week! Part 1 of the Council kicked off on Thursday night. We did some exercises and ran laps around the chapel. Then, President Reyes (President Derbez's 1st Councilor) addressed us, and talked to us about the importance of establishing confidence with our investigators. On Friday, the meeting continued as we talked about the importance of the Book Of Mormon, and how it truly is the best tool we have for conversion. 

Elder Webster and Elder Birchett went to Casas Grandes, Chihuahua to help out with a meeting that they are having with all of the missionaries over there, so Elder Allen and I have been chilling together for the last 2 days here in Pradera.

Time is going and it doesn't come back. Everyday seems to go by faster than the last!

Love you all chavalos

Elder Velazquez

 Elder Webster Birthday Bash (Luz Elena, Hna. Ostos, Hna Jimenez, Webster, Me)

 Back to the Pop Era

Hermano Fernando Garcia Jr. on his sweet Bike

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